Wax/Hair Removal

Hair Removal Services

Accept no substitutions… there is only one Nufree Nudesse, non- wax hair removal process! Nufree is NOT A WAX therefore never sticks to the skin. It is completely botanical and doesn’t dry so it can be erased any time and is safe for the entire body. It is antimicrobial making it safe, clean and germ free. All Nufree hair removal services are immediately followed with the application finipil. Finipil is an antimicrobial lotion formulated to kill 99.99% of all bacteria. When used in conjunction with Nufree it slows the development of new hair cells, protects and rids the area of unsightly ingrown hairs and cools by dropping the temperature of the empty follicle reducing swelling.

Eyebrow Shaping $15 Eyebrow Shaping $15  Eyebrow Threading   $15
Upper Lip $10 Upper Lip $10  Upper Lip Threading  $10
Chin $10 Chin $10
Full Face $30 Full Face $30  Full Face Threading   $30
Underarms $25  Underarms  $19
 Half Arms $35  Half Arms  $25
 Full Arms $45  Full Arms  $35
Chest $40  Chest  $30
Back $55   Back  $45
Stomach $25+  Stomach  $15
 Half Legs $55  Half Legs  $30
 Full Legs $75  Full Legs  $55
Bikini $26 Bikini $26
LA Bikini $32 LA Bikini $32
Brazilian $55+ Brazilian $55+


*For maximum results please allow two weeks of growth on legs, underarms and bikini area prior to waxing.

*Please inform the spa prior to booking if you are taking Retin-A or Accutane. You must stop taking Retin-A at least six weeks prior to waxing and Accutane at least six months prior to waxing.

*Prices subject to change without notice